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In today’s episode of The Real Estate and Mortgage Show, we have invited David Sandhu. He is the CEO of TiLt Ventures, an investment company that focuses on real estate, stocks, and sports betting and aims to educate others on how to navigate the world of big-ticket investments. The company is dedicated to bringing new commerce opportunities to Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Even though David is just a starter in real estate investing, he still has many insights to share. And today, he will be tapping into some of his secrets on how he raises money.


Standout Quotes:

  • “The next project always has to be in something that’s making money.”
  • “There’s so much overhead that you cannot win in rent. You win in the appreciation and the leverage.”
  • “Crypto is a large part of the future.”
  • “It’s through real estate that you can be new with your generational wealth and change through giving back.”


Key Takeaways:

  • There’s not much growth in Commerce other than big corporations coming into town.
  • David did not spend his 20’s at parties and didn’t have his teenage years gambling up until the morning.
  • One benefit of a private deal is you don’t have the pressures of many competitions on the deal.
  • David’s day is dedicated to his children, but he is still on the phone and answering e-mails.
  • David and his company know when to jump into the premiums.


Episode Timeline:


[00:35] David’s location

[03:11] About TiLt Ventures

[06:52] Does David tackle his projects on his own?

[09:19] Raising Capital

[13:14] How David Finds Properties

[17:04] The Endgame

[18:00] A Day in the Life of David Sandhu

[20:30] Networking

[23:20] David’s Instagram Account

[27:02] IS David in the Crypto Space?

[29:08] David’s Message


Learn more about David Sandhu

Instagram: tilt_ventures

E-mail Address: davidsandhu@hotmail.com

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